This page gives information on how to download Vampire. See Usage for how to use Vampire.

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The binaries of the new Vampire can be downloaded from GitHub and used under the terms of the Vampire License. All binaries are statically linked, which means that you should be able to run them out of the box.

Currently we're only providing binaries for Linux as this is the easy case. For other platforms (e.g. Mac), the easiest route is often to compile from source. We can provide Mac binaries but these can be OS X version specific due to linking issues — please contact Giles Reger for any queries. We provide Vampire linked with Z3 for convenience, enabling some extra features: use a source build if you want to avoid the Z3 dependency and associated binary size. If there is an historic version not available that you want for whatever reason then please contact us.


Please access the source via the GitHub repository. Source code is provided under the terms of the Vampire License.